Copenhagen 2020

The inaugural exchange will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Often the epitome of best practice throughout Europe and the UK, Copenhagen have offered to host and share approaches to the design and delivery of social housing to the exchange programme.

It is widely considered that social housing is becoming a more relevant and well discussed topic area. Local Authorities are finding new ways of delivering housing on council own sites, the like of which hasn’t been seen for a generation; the recently awarded RIBA Stirling Prize (2019) winner being case in point. Denmark has a strong and successful history of delivering social housing schemes and this exchange provides a great opportunity to visit, explore and question methods and approaches.

The Exchange is pleased to present a three-day trip, open to both public and private professionals throughout the UK. The exchange will allow participants the opportunities to meet some of Denmark’s key figures in the Social Housing, design and delivery sectors.

The Exchange is limited to numbers due to the nature of talks and seminars being organised. Given the limited availability and unique opportunity, should you wish to join the trip we ask that you contact the team with the below email to provisionally secure a position.

We are more than happy to discuss any details relating to the exchange, please feel free to contact us on the details provided.

City of Copenhagen

Technical and Environmental Administration


The Technical and Environmental administration are responsible for operating and developing the city for the benefit of citizens, users and businesses.

It is responsible for the City’s environmental and climate activities, development of highways, new urban areas and green infrastructure.

The city will provide an introduction to the Exchange and a brief outline on social housing within Copenhagen.

Student Housing

Site Visit with guided tour from students

Vandkunsten Architects


Vandkunsten works includes everything from landscaping and city planning to urban renewal and renovation of both residential and commercial architecture. Above all, they have a long-standing tradition for taking on projects for institutions with a social purpose

Vandkunsten will lead a series of site visits reviewing social housing...

> renovation

> mixed use

> mixed tenure


Site visit and tour around the concept of AlmenBolig+. High Quality social housing with the emphasis of community.

Andelsboligforeningernes Fællesrepræsentation [ABF]


The Cooperative Housing Association (ABF) is an independent nationwide interest organization which aims to protect the interests of private cooperative housing associations.

With almost 5,000 member-associations representing around 100,000 condominiums, ABF is a major player in the housing policy field.

ABF will introduce the Scandinavian principle of “andelsbolig”

The Knowledge Centre for Housing Economics


The Knowledge Centre for Housing Economics is a project established by the strategic foundation Realdania, see

Their role is to create a better understanding of problems and challenges facing the Danish housing economy.

The Knowledge Centre will present an overview of Denmark’s housing market.

A Critical Review

A guided tour from an Urban Planner on the successes and failures on Ørestad.

Ørestad, as it stands today, is the product of the laissez-faire, internalised and market facilitative policies, the private developers and market oriented forces, the financial crisis and the attempts to recover from it.

Public Realm Impact

A site visit and presentation on Superkilen with an Urban Planner.

Superkilen is an urban park project in Copenhagen designed by SUPERFLEX [website] in collaboration with architectural firms Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) [website] and Topotek1 [website].

SUPERFLEX developed the concept for Superkilen using what they defined as ‘extreme participation’ as a strategy to engage residents around the park, an area known as one of Copenhagen’s most diverse neighbourhoods

The above summary of programme is subject to change where we reserve the right to replace any of the keynote speakers due to unforeseen circumstances

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