East of England : Exchange

The East of England : Exchange (EEE) has been formed to draw together and exchange knowledge and ideas. The Exchange is aimed at connecting international bodies, professionals and communities to help promote high quality development.

The EEE has been set up and run by Place Services to expand on our current training programme within the UK. Through a series of existing connections and a clear desire to discuss and promote quality in the built environment, Place Services have been able to offer a series of Exchanges with the wider international build environment profession.

We strongly believe that the East of England has a lot to promote and showcase to wider international communities, where it is also considered there are always opportunities to develop and expand on what we already have. A constant evolving industry requires refreshed and innovative approaches to quality, design and delivery.

The Exchange is a non-profitable structure which is run through a trading service of Place Services (Essex County Council).

Page updated: 14/02/2020

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