Panel Submission and Outputs

Documents to be submitted

All presentation documents would be required to be submitted one week prior to the Quality Review Panel. Submitting the documents would be issued via the Panel Manager who would distribute to the Chair and Members selected for the panel. It is requested that documents are issued electronically in a suitable format (typically PDF).

As outlined within the guidance it is encouraged that panels are held at an early stage to the design process. Working drawings, models and information will be welcomed rather than fully detailed proposals to demonstrate the projects story and approach. The below list provides guidance on typical document submission for a panel review:

  • Narrative of the design and project - feel free to show design development
  • Contextual analysis
  • Aerial imagery of the site and context
  • Historical layers of urban form, topography, listed buildings and conservation areas.
  • Red line boundary plan showing the extent, area and ownership of the application site.
  • Character assessment
  • Landscape analysis and design approach
  • Proposed plans, elevations, sections and layouts of proposed built form.
  • Wider contextual sections and elevations. Site wide.
  • Photomontages and visualisations
  • Architectural approach and material palettes
  • 3D material including illustrations, walkthroughs and models.

Presentation Recommendations

We appreciate different projects require varying methods of presentation. We have outlined suggestions below for your consideration:

Projection (PowerPoint or similar)

This is a good method of presenting information on a large backdrop. All panels will be equipped to use an overhead projector for presentation purposes.

Display Boards 

We would recommend a limit to 10 A1 boards per panel.

Drawings and Plans

We recommend that all drawings and plans are presented in a sufficient scale and easily viewed in a panel format.


These are encouraged as they can communicate a design or concept clearly and efficiently.

Panel Agenda

A full agenda will be issued in advance of all design review panels. The agenda will be accompanied by a scheme description, planning context, details, along with key drawings and presentation information provided by the applicant and their team. This will provide some formal background and understanding prior to the panel.

Panel Report

The Quality Review Panel will be monitored by the Panel Manager who will be recording discussions to form the panel report.

A panel report will be written up by the Panel Manager, reviewed and signed off by the Panel Chair and issued within 10 working days.

The panel report is an advisory document within the planning process and the applicant and team should consult planning officers to agree how to respond to comments and suggestions within the report.

The panel report will be made public once a planning application is submitted. All reports relating to the design panel and related pre-application discussions will be submitted in line with local authorities approach to publishing officers advice to ensure transparency.

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