When would a Panel be required?

Panels are best used at an early stage of the design process. This ensures a design is flexible in responding to comments and observations through the panel process. Alternatively a design should also be developed enough to allow a panel to comment and discuss the concept, approach and details. It is found that panels organised following a validated application are restricted in there design where a panel process can become redundant.

Panels can be requested by the applicant through the website or alternatively a panel can be recommended by the Local Authority. The booking of a panel would be undertaken through the booking system as part of the website.

It is advised that not all planning applications would require a quality review panel. It is recommended that panels are submitted which qualify as eitherĀ strategic, major or complex schemes.

The below diagram highlights the timescales associated with the booking and delivery of a panel. Key timescales should be considered when programming a planning application:

Step 1 - A least one month before

Request of Panel

Booking via the Essex Quality Review Website - BOOK

Step 2 - Three weeks before panel

Confirmation of Panel and Date

Panel Manager to confirm date and venue

Step 3 - Issue 7 days before panel

Applicant issue Presentation Plans

Presentation material to be issued for prior review by panel

Step 4 - Payment before panel

In accordance with Invoice

Payment received before panel date

Step 5 - Panel Review

As perĀ Panel Format Section

Step 6 - Panel Report

Formal report signed off by panel and chair

Issued within 10 working days for the panel.

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