Ordinary Watercourse Pre-app

The Development and Flood Risk Team do not comment on watercourse consents. They must be dealt with by the appointed Ordinary Watercourse Consent Engineer. Ordinary watercourse consent forms a separate application.

To apply for ordinary watercourse consent please use the following link: https://flood.essex.gov.uk/maintaining-or-changing-a-watercourse/apply-for-a-watercourse-consent/

You can contact us to check if you need consent for your development or whether it could affect the flow of water in an ordinary watercourse. If you do need consent, you will need to:

  • Fill in the watercourse consent application form and show that your work will not have a negative effect on the environment or flood risk.
  • Attach any required documents such as drawings.
  • Make a payment of £50 per structure.

Within the application we will require certain information, and includes:

  • A description of your development. We would like you to tell us the purpose of the development / works and the number of structures you need consent for.
  • Reasons for it to be built. Please ensure that all proposed works are in line with our Culvert Policy. Please not that applications made for the purpose of gaining garden space will most likely be rejected.
  • Construction details. Is your structure permanent or temporary? We will need details of when you plan to carry out the work and how long it will take.
  • Planning approvals. You’ll need to provide details of planning permissions you may have or are applying for that relate to your development.
  • Information on the maintenance of the structure. You must tell us in your application who will be responsible for maintaining the structure during development and after.
  • Information on the effect of the watercourse on the environment. We will consider the effects your structure may have on the environment. We will need detailed evidence that shows the impact on the environment and you may need to include an Ecological Statement.
  • An assessment to make sure you are meeting the terms of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) . Your development proposal must meet the terms of the Water Framework which protects watercourses and wildlife that live in them.

We also need detailed information on the design proposals and methodology to include:

  1. Site location plan highlighted in Red
  2. Site as existing prior to development
  3. Plans and drawings showing all of the structures, location and the adjacent watercourse
  4. Sections for the drawings
  5. Photographs
  6. Flood maps

Essex County Council also offers a pre-app service for ordinary watercourse consent. This is a 1-month process and will require a description of your development and reasons for it to be built. It would also be beneficial to include:

  • A site location plan highlighted in Red
  • A plan showing the site as existing prior to development
  • Plans and drawings showing proposed structures, location and the adjacent watercourse
  • Photographs
  • Flood maps

Page updated: 15/07/2020

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