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The LLFA produce a large amount of detailed hydraulic modelling to help us better understand flood risk across the county and we are continually looking for ways to share this information with anyone who might need it.

The LLFA’s local hydraulic modelling has benefits over the national scale modelling as it is produced at a higher resolution, including improved hydraulic modelling methods and data collection (i.e. Topographic data, Drainage Networks etc.) to better reflect the risk of flooding at a local level.

We have created a reporting service that provides detailed site scale information on surface water flood risk, which is based on our SWMP modelling data and can be used by developers, consultants or planning professionals as a reference for flood risk assessments or other similar studies.

Further details on accessing the reporting service, along with the online application form can be found by following the link below.

Page updated: 12/09/2022

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