Every surface water drainage scheme should include a stringent maintenance plan to ensure that the features will work at optimum levels throughout the lifespan of the development. Without this maintenance, the reliability and efficiency of the drainage network will be affected and consequently the risk of flooding and damage to the surrounding environments will be dramatically increased. Therefore, a maintenance plan detailing what maintenance is needed, who will undertake the work, and at what frequency the work will be carried out should be provided. The majority of common SuDS features available have their maintenance requirements and frequencies outlined within Part D of the CIRIA SuDS Manual C753.

In addition a construction management plan (CMP), most commonly provided at the discharge of conditions stage, should ensure that appropriate mitigation procedures are in place to limit the impact of construction works on off-site flooding through surface water run off or on ground water. If left unmanaged the removal of topsoil prior to construction may result in excess water being discharged from site.

Page updated: 18/02/2020

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