Exceedance Routes

Suitable exceedance routing should be identified during times of flooding.

What the LLFA expect to see 
Exceedance routes should be provided at either full application, or where necessary they can be conditioned. It should be shown that when flooding does occur, where this flooding will go, where it will sit, and how it will behave. Further information may need to be provided to show that all flooding is directed away from buildings. This can be done through detailed modelling which can be provided.

During times where the system may flood due to blockages, failure or a very large storm event, all excess water that cannot be contained within the pipe network or SuDS features should be maintained within suitable exceedance areas and routes. These routes should direct towards the highways and towards public open space whilst avoiding any risk to people and property. All flows should be contained on site. 

Page updated: 5/02/2020

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