What we expect to see and when

With any stage of the application, the LLFA would expect submission of all relevant documents from the previous stages. This would help give a full overview of the history of the application and will help the review process.

Large strategic sites may also require drainage information to be provided as part of the master planning process. Chapter 7 of the Ciria SuDS Manual C753 provides a conceptual overall of the implementation of SuDS during master planning. For more information please speak to a representative from the LLFA to find out what will be involved at this stage.

Outline Reserved matters Full Discharge of conditions Documents expected Further information
Preliminary information is acceptable  ✔  ✔   ✔   The LLFA required Pro-Forma Pro-Forma
✔  ✔  ✔   ✔  Flood Risk Assessment (as in the NPPF) Flood Risk Assessment
✔  ✔  ✔   ✔   Drainage strategy (this can be included within the FRA)  
✔        Preliminary layout drawings showing potential features, and location of discharge points  
✔        Preliminary storage calculations and greenfield runoff rate calculations  Drainage Calculations Guide
✔        Preliminary landscape proposals Green Spaces/Promotion of Biodiversity
✔        Preliminary consideration of water quality measures  Water Quality
✔     ✔    Preliminary ground investigation report, to show potential viability of infiltration Infiltration
✔  ✔   ✔   ✔   Evidence of third-party agreement for discharge to their system (in principle/consent)  End of Greenfield Runoff Rates 
  ✔  ✔   ✔   Detailed storage calculations  Drainage Calculations Guide and
Attenuation Storage
  ✔  ✔    ✔  Detailed drainage network calculations Drainage Calculations Guide
  ✔  ✔    ✔  Detailed drainage layout including location of features, exceedance routes, finished floor levels, discharge locations (and rates) Exceedance Routes 
  ✔  ✔  Detailed pollution risk and mitigation information in line with the Simple Index Approach Water Quality 
       ✔  Detailed landscape proposals Green Spaces/Promotion of Biodiversity
       ✔  Detailed flood and drainage design engineering drawings and modelling Drainage Calculations Guide
  ✔  ✔  ✔   Full structural, hydraulic and ground investigations, including detailed infiltration testing in line with BRE365, groundwater level  Infiltration Testing 
       ✔  Development management and construction phasing plan  Construction Management 
       ✔  Maintenance program and    on-going maintenance responsibilities  Maintenance and Adoption

In those areas were a Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) is in place, drainage designs should also take into account any recommendations made in that plan. Further details on SWMPs can be found online. If you would like to request a copy of a SWMP for a particular area, email floods@essex.gov.uk

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