EDG and Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Plans are a key tool in delivering local planning policies and should have consideration to all aspects of design including:

  • the site allocation process,
  • policy formation,
  • when assessing the impact of different forms of development, in both size and type. 

The Essex Design Guide (EDG) has been recently updated to provide a key planning and design resource to help inform Neighbourhood Plans. The EDG aims to encourage best practice in the design and layout of residential development.

The EDG will retain its original core design principles, but also incorporates reference to revised planning guidance and frameworks, and introduces new themes around Ageing Population, Digital and Smart Technology, Health and Wellbeing, Active Design and Garden Communities.

The Importance of Design

Design is an integral part of the planning process and should be given consideration within the Neighbourhood Planning process from an early stage.  The design of new developments, buildings and landscapes has a direct impact on the quality, sustainability and success of the communities they will become part of. All of this information can be found within the Essex Design Guide.

Design policies can guide and have a positive effect on how new developments complement and enhance the existing built environment aesthetically, mitigate potential negative impacts, as well as deal with practical issues such as layout, physical appearance, access, and parking.

Each of the Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) within Essex is responsible for supporting Parish Councils in their production of Neighbourhood Plans. See the Essex Local Authorities pages to access the specific guidance, policies and context of each of the Local Planning Authorities.

Page updated: 31/01/2018

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