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The aspiration for the 2018 EDG is that relevant information, pertaining to creating high-quality, sustainable developments, should be concentrated into one reference source. With this in mind, the following new sections have been incorporated into the widened scope of the EDG website.

Highways Technical Manual

In response to user feedback on the 2005 EDG, an additional highways manual containing tables, diagrams and Manual for Streets references has been created to provide clarity on the specific technical requirements and standards relating to support the creation of a layout compliant with the Essex Highways adoption guidance.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)

This section highlights the key aspects of the Essex County Council SuDS Design Guide relevant to creating high-quality communities using images, links and case studies to demonstrate how the principles can be applied to residential developments. Content includes consideration for how developments can control surface water runoff, the proper maintenance and protection of the natural water cycle. It also details how flood management and sustainable drainage systems can be used to create and sustain natural environments that create a better quality of life for residents.

Garden Communities

With at least seven new Garden Communities under consideration across Essex, this section has been established to describe the particular nature and requirements of these developments and respond to the opportunities offered to place-making, environment and society through delivery of high-quality new communities.

Local Authority Profiles

Local authority profiles have been put together following feedback from developers that they would value a single reference source for the policies, design guidance and context appraisals that apply to a specific locality. The sections will provide clickable links to relevant Local Planning Authority (LPA) documents and a table outlining the local, countywide or national policies and standards that apply.

Updated Content Incorporating New Themes

The 2018 update has sought to comprehensively review and update the EDG to ensure guidance remains contemporary through incorporation throughout the guide new socio-economic themes that reflect the challenges and opportunities facing Essex. Work also includes expert revision of the content to ensure it is effective for the new online format, reflects updated policy (including NPPF) and responds to suggested improvements in the previous guide. Diagrams, images and annotations have also been revised to include new examples of contemporary design and reinforce the importance context appraisal in the delivery of the most appropriate solution for a place.

The following thematic content is interwoven throughout all sections of the Guide;

Ageing Populations where for the first time, the EDG gives specific consideration to the principles for planning and designing new homes and layouts in response to the forecast increased number of older people and those impacted by age-related conditions for example, dementia.

Digital & Smart Technology which recognises the importance of and provides solutions for the successful integration of digital technology in our lifestyles by asking users to consider how we account for or validate the use of space and the delivery of services to include smart technology, utilities, connectivity and flexible design.

Active Design provides specific guidance on how to incorporate socially inclusive design in all layouts to activate spaces by prioritising the main user whilst also encouraging sport and physical activity to create more successful, well-managed and safer communities.

Health and Wellbeing which identifies the positive characteristics of an environment that support achievement of better quality lifestyles including how this can be achieved through creation of dynamic urban space. The section also gives consideration to future of health care provision and how this should be considered in design of new communities.

New and More Relevant Case Studies

This revision of the EDG features a new suite of case studies that are reflective of the changing focus of the Guide, with less attention paid to the specific architectural features and greater focus on how developments reflect the specific themes of the EDG. Featured case studies are short and succinct using high-quality professional images and links to external websites. Reflecting the flexible nature of the online guide, regular reviews will ensure that case studies remain relevant whilst providing the opportunity for user-suggested developments to be included. This will ensure that we create a rich resource library on the EDG website.

Page updated: 9/02/2018

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