Essex Quality Charter and Quality Panel

The Essex Quality Review Panels website can now be accessed through the below link. The website provides users with information, background, costs, availability and the option to book a Quality Panel.

Essex Quality Review Panel Website

During 2018 EPOA will work to establish the Essex Quality Charter for Growth and establish a Quality Panel to provide advice to support developers and LPA’s to improve the quality of development and ensure the principles of the Design Guide are upheld.

The 2018 review of the Essex Design Guide has been shaped by over 30 organisations from across the public and private sector to create a digital guide The 2018 EDG is less prescriptive about the technical design of communities to encourage innovation in design, focusing to enhance both the quality of the built environment and socio-economic wellbeing of communities. When established the quality charter and quality panel will facilitate the cultural change around the new design approach it promotes, including establishment of a quality panel, as well as ensuring resource is available to undertake updates to ensure the EDG remains contemporary

Detailed design work will be undertaken through workshops and engagements to develop the Quality Charter and Quality panel throughout 2018. If you would like to be involved in the work, please get in contact and check back to this section of the website for updates.

Page updated: 11/09/2019

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