Brentwood’s name is derived from ‘Burnt Wood’, referring to a clearing made in the dense forest covering this part of Essex by a fire. Over time, it became a stopping point for pilgrims travelling to Canterbury and the remains of a 12th Century chapel in the town centre bear testimony to this. When Henry III granted a royal charter to hold markets, Brentwood developed into a place of commerce and today, its bustling High Street and surrounding roads reflects that this is still a well-to-do town, yet surrounded by beautiful open spaces and historic locations to explore. 

The Borough of Brentwood is situated in the south west of the county of Essex, immediately to the east of the Greater London Metropolitan area, and is located entirely within the Metropolitan Green Belt. This proximity to London means that the Borough is well located in relation to the national and regional road and rail networks. The town of Brentwood is separated from Greater London by a narrow gap of open land through which passes the M25 Motorway. The other main route corridors tend to focus on London, with the A12 running through the centre of the Borough between Central London and East Anglia, and the A127 linking Central London to Southend and South Essex. Similarly rail connections link Central London to Ipswich and Norwich (with local stations at Brentwood, Shenfield and Ingatestone) and Southend (with a local station at West Horndon).

Brentwood’s attractive location is enhanced by the quality of the local environment. Less than 20% of the Borough is built-up. Brentwood Town itself has a well landscaped character, which softens the impact of the built environment and enhances the visual quality of the town. There are a number of important green wedges reaching into the built-up area, two of which extend right to the centre of the town - Hartswood/Shenfield Common, and the Brentwood School/former Anglia Polytechnic University Playing Fields. Thriftwood is also an extensive area of woodland set within the town. The remainder of the Borough is predominantly in agricultural use, but much of the rural area is characterised by an attractive rolling landscape incorporating small woodlands, hedgerows and trees.

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