Livewell Development Accreditation

Health and wellbeing are intrinsically linked to both individuals and their environment. Health inequalities are heavily influenced by a wide range of socio-economic factors including housing, education, jobs and worklessness. Both planners and developers are recognising the multiple benefits incorporating health and wellbeing principles into development proposals can have.

Chelmsford City Council is proposing to recognise the commitment to improving health and wellbeing through an accreditation scheme. It is considered that acknowledging developments would be of greater benefit for planners and developers as well as the public who can be given some assurance that these environments have the potential to support their health and wellbeing.

The ‘Livewell’ accreditation scheme has therefore been designed for developers in Essex so that they can be recognised for their contributions to the health and wellbeing agenda. Based on a two- stage assessment using the new HIA criteria and a review by the Essex Quality Review Panel, developments considered to make a positive contribution to health and wellbeing would be awarded different levels of accreditation.

Overview of the Scheme:

Livewell Developer Charter

  • Commits developers to support the health and wellbeing principles within the accreditation scheme
  • Based on an annual review
  • Promotes developer commitment to delivering health and wellbeing throughout their business helping to support their own corporate responsibilities
  • Training and advice provided by local authority

Stage 1 – Livewell Design Award

  • Developers assessed on how they have embedded healthy design principles into their emerging schemes
  • Uses Health Impact Assessment or the Healthy Checklist

Stage 2 – Livewell Development Accreditation

  • Development assessed on a credit-based scoring process on the following principles:
    • Design of homes and spaces
    • Active environment and connectivity
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Supporting Communities
    • Access to healthier food environments
    • Improving access to education, skills and employment
  • Livewell Developments will be awarded at either bronze, silver or gold level subject to approval by a panel
  • Information to be presented to the Panel as case study evidence and potentially site visits

Smaller scale schemes

  • For proposals which do not meet the minimum size criteria (50 dwellings +) for an HIA the developer can submit their proposal for accreditation.
  • Developer proposing schemes that do not meet the minimum size criteria (50 dwellings+) for an HIA can still submit their schemes for accreditation.
  • Only three of the principles will be assessed against small scale schemes ‘home/space design’, ‘active environment and connectivity, and ‘environmental sustainability’ for smaller schemes

Page updated: 16/09/2019

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