A new development model for Essex

The Essex Climate Action Commission commissioned a detailed study to investigate the concept of walkable neighbourhoods in new development set against more standard approaches to development, with a key distinguishing principle being that walkable neighbourhoods will have either much reduced vehicular access or will even be delivered as car-free development, possibly with some remote parking located away these core car free areas.

An envisaged major challenge to the delivery of walkable neighbourhoods is seen to be perceptions of some developers and major housebuilders, as well as some other professionals involved in the delivery of proposals within the built environment, that reduced vehicle access and car free development (which may include remote parking areas) are not feasible, in terms of viability and marginal cost, marketability and desirability and delivery of essential infrastructure, services and facilities that residents would need both in terms of individual dwellings and the overall development.

To deliver a robust evidence base, this study will explore several key concepts and address key questions regarding deliverability, viability and adapting and promoting this new development model for Essex.

The report titled "A new development model for Essex" was prepared by Jas Bhalla Architects on behalf of the Essex Climate Action Commission. 

The full report is available to be downloaded below.

Page updated: 22/11/2023

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