Planning for 5G

About this guidance

More now than ever, digital connectivity is playing an ever-increasing role in our day to day lives. As technology improves, the opportunities to embrace, access and maximise the benefits of faster digital connectivity becomes increasingly important in the way we live and work.

The advances in both mobile and fixed digital technology allow for new opportunities to increase innovation in the way we currently plan for our future communities in Essex.

Key objectives of the collaborative Essex Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) approach include:

  • To create a consistent and timely planning process including pre application engagement to provide a positive collaboration between the LPA and the MNOs
  • Aligning planning aspirations of the MNOs with the natural, built, and historic constraints of each potential development site in Essex.
  • Provide assurances that the most appropriate sites are shortlisted and screened out based on the baseline evidence and optioneering data submitted.
  • Provide opportunities and resources for a greater education and learning programme of the benefits of 5G and digital technology will have on the future prosperity of Essex.
  • Early engagement with LPAs regarding the digital connectivity for new communities on major strategic sites.

This guidance has been produced in collaboration with EPOA, MNOs and Essex County Council.

Page updated: 2/02/2022

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