Why do we need this guidance?

This guidance provides an agreed process (or accord) between each of the individual Essex LPAs and the MNOs. The importance of the delivery of the latest mobile infrastructure technology is vital for the growing local, national and international economy of Essex, however this needs to be achieved in an open and transparent way by showcasing how best practice can be applied to meet the constraints of the natural, historic and built context of Essex.

This guidance aims to provide support to the Essex LPAs and the MNOs to help assess, guide and support the successful expansion of full-fibre broadband and mobile coverage in Essex. This guidance aims to provide an improved planning engagement process to help establish an ongoing and active contact with the MNOs while providing a clear set of expectations for planning applications and make the process as swift and supportive as possible.

For any new residential, commercial or mixed-use development proposed in Essex, the provision of direct access to ultrafast broadband must be considered at an early stage of the planning process to ensure no new developments slip through without adequate digital connectivity in place.

This guidance seeks to establish a best practice planning process, which, if followed will provide MNOs with clarity in the expectations of the Essex LPAs in processing and assessing applications.

The status of this guidance is best practice guidance only and has not been formally adopted as an SPD.

Page updated: 2/02/2022

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