LPAs Pre-Application Checklist


1) Justification of need

Does the application fully justify the need for the new infrastructure?

2) Site selection

Have alternative sites been reviewed? Has this evidence been submitted/shared?

Has the applicant justified the site selection using environmental baseline data?

Has the applicant explained the methodology for site selection?

3) Baseline environmental data

Has a Landscape visual impact report been undertaken?

Has an Historic Environment Record (HER) site search been produced?

Has an ecological site survey been undertaken?

4) Mitigation

Has a mitigation strategy been produced to overcome any negative impacts? (Linked to the findings of the baseline environmental data.)

Has the mitigation strategy been submitted for approval as part of the planning application process?

5) Planning process

Has a pre application meeting been requested?

Has a planning statement been produced/ submitted/shared?

Has the baseline environmental reports (including methodology and site selection analysis) been submitted/shared?

6) Local connectivity impact 

What is the impact of the proposed infrastructure on improving/maintaining mobile coverage in the local area?

Page updated: 2/02/2022

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