The benefits – and need for high quality digital communications

The roll out of 5G technology will provide a host of benefits, each linked through ultra-fast connection speeds for data transfer delivered in a more reliable way. 5G should not be seen in isolation of advances in other existing technologies; advances in digital connectivity also include the use and roll out of fibre optic cable as well as Wi-Fi and the existing 4G networks.

The advances in technology in new vehicles will look to harness this new technology to manage our transport networks, providing improvements in safety, journey times and environmental efficiency.

The future of our healthcare will heavily rely on a fast and reliable digital connectivity to provide online consultations, monitoring patients health and provide accurate diagnoses, therefore maximising the healthcare resources in an ultra-efficient way. 

Commercial benefits include harnessing opportunities to create smart, highly efficient workplaces, capable of running at a higher output for production and manufacturing.

Retailer and online shops will be able to provide an ever-increasing benefit to their customers, increasing online retail opportunities and interface with customers.

New homes and communities, planned and constructed to access digital connectivity benefitting opportunities for home working, reducing the environmental impact of new development, and changing the way we deliver new homes.

To enable this all to happen, Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) need to work together to achieve the most appropriate solutions for the roll out of the new infrastructure to help realise the wider benefits and capability of this new technology.

This guidance has been approved by the Essex Planning Officers Association (EPOA) and the two main Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) Cornerstone and MBNL.

Key areas:

  • Smart Cities
  • Rural connectivity
  • Smart manufacturing and agriculture
  • Smart Energy networks
  • More data, faster speeds, more connected devices
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Remote Working
  • E-health
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Drones delivery

Page updated: 2/02/2022

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