Covid-19 Pandemic

The reliance on telecommunications has been tested and heightened during the Covid-19 pandemic with the whole country subject to lockdowns and various restrictions. This has meant people have been being advised to work remotely from home wherever possible; education at schools, colleges and universities has depended more on on-line teaching and learning; there has been increased dependency for on-line shopping, medical and other appointments. There has also been increased use and dependency on accessing and using mobile devices for social interaction and staying connected with friends and family, especially important for those who experienced shielding or who are self-isolating.

 The government’s advice during the pandemic recognises that “Now, more than ever, the country is reliant on fixed line and mobile communications networks. And as a result, telecommunications has therefore been included as one of the critical sectors in new government regulations and legislation in response to dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.”

 As we progress into a world of hybrid/remote working the wider benefits of 5g technology will play an ever-increasing role in influencing and determining how we live and work.

Page updated: 20/12/2021

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