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To fulfil the Stage 2 Livewell Development Accreditation applicants must submit the initial stage 1 development evidence along with case studies to support their application at a built stage. The development will then be assess by a dedicated panel to score against a set criteria and awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation. 

There are 6 categories in total with each category holding varying points (please refer to the Livewell Development Guidance Document). Within each standard, there are sub-categories which stage 2 applications will be assessed against. The categories listed below are interconnected and will receive credits for each specific area.

Category 1: Design of homes and spaces - 20 points

Category 2: Active environment and connectivity - 20 points

Category 3: Environmental Sustainability - 20 points

Category 4: Supporting Communities - 15 points

Category 5: Access to healthier food environments - 15 points

Category 6: Improving access to education, skills and employment - 10 points

To fulfil to stage 2 accreditation the Livewell Scheme has partnered with the Essex Quality Review Panel to undertake a bespoke member pool to assess forthcoming case studies.

The panel will meet twice a year to undertake onsite reviews of forthcoming stage 2 applications. The panel has been formed to respond to the Livewell principles, these include:

  • Public Health
  • Sports England
  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Architecture

Panel Member Profiles

Review Process

The panel will be coordinated to arrange site access to the submitted sites. Panel members will be able to review and assess the as built scheme against the scoring criteria. Panel Members will then be invited to submit their comments and scoring to the Panel Chair.

The Panel Chair and Local Authority representatives will meet to review the scoring and feedback to then make an informed decision on the final accreditation score and grade.

The scheme will then be awarded along with Livewell Accreditation branding. 

Stage 2 Review Fees

Project Review - £2,300+VAT (based on two or more sites being reviewed in a single review) - Site review with panel and panel chair / Livewell Accreditation Award and branding

Fast Track Review - Contact Essex Quality Review Panel for availability and fees.

To submit an application for the Stage 2 Accreditation Award please complete the online booking form on the Essex Quality Review Panel website

“Sport England is fully supportive of the Livewell Development Accreditation scheme.  The scheme is ground-breaking in that it seeks to recognise developments that incorporate a range of health and well-being benefits through their design including physical activity.  The scheme builds upon the recent review of the related Essex Design Guide which has health and well-being and active design themes embedded into the guidance and represents an important step in activating the themes in practice.  Sport England’s ‘Active Design’ guidance principles have been included in the criteria for assessing proposals which is particularly welcomed and this represents the first residential design accreditation scheme nationally that we are aware of that has incorporated the principles.  Sport England is especially interested in the learning that is anticipated from the case studies that emerge from schemes that are awarded the Livewell Development Accreditation.  These offer the potential to highlight good practice and exemplars in how residential developments can create environments that encourage active lifestyles in practice.”

Roy Warren, Sport England

Page updated: 19/11/2019

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