Parking for Electric Cars, Cycles, Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility Aids

Passive provision for electric charging points, which can be used by cars, motorcycles, bicycles and mobility aids, should be provided for all proposed on-plot car parking spaces within new developments.

In larger car park settings, such as parking courts, car parks or unallocated street parking, infrastructure should be put in place (via underground ducting) to allow for connection to an electric charging point in future.

The level of provision of electric charging points should be appropriate to the development size and type, its level of parking provision and its context and location. In the case of car parks, upstanding or inset charging points can be integrated into the design, whereas more innovation may be required for on-street charging points – which should be integrated into street lighting columns or other smart street furniture items so as to reduce street clutter.

Autonomous vehicles are likely to have a large role not only in shaping mobility and how we use cars, but in the future of development layouts. It is likely that instead of using on-street or parking court areas, autonomous vehicles will self-navigate to large parking areas or multi-storeys on the edge of urban areas, where they will be serviced and charged between trips. The amount of space given over to on-street car parking is therefore likely to reduce substantially in future. Instead, short-term drop-off and pick-up areas will be integrated into highways close to homes.

While there are currently many unknowns (and while present parking standards should still be adhered to), designs should strive for flexibility in the face of technology-driven changes to the way we use cars. Wherever possible, designs should be adaptable, allowing for features such as new charging technologies or the conversion of parking areas to green space.


Page updated: 7/02/2018

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