Assessments and Best Practice Guidance


  • BRE Site layout planning for daylight and sunlight (access to sunlight, ADF, % of sky, uniformity factor)
  • BS EN 17037 – daylighting for interiors and how to limit glare Right to Light - A right to light easement grants a landowner rights to receiving light to particular rooms within the building. This is a separate legal issue relating to how new buildings affect the daylight of surrounding existing buildings and should be calculated by a qualified surveyor.
  • Software programs: grasshopper, ladybird, Velux daylight program, what else is there?

Overheating Risk

  • Good Homes Alliance – Overheating in new homes. This document presents a methodology to identifying how at risk new build homes are from the risk of overheating. It is a useful tool to be used at the beginning of the design process, before any predictive modelling has been undertaken.
  • TM59 – A design methodology for the assessment of overheating risk in homes using dynamic software (such as IES-VE, EDSL-TAS)
  • Part O – This new building regulation applies to all new build properties registered with building control on or after June 2022. It contains two methods of compliance. A simplified method (morse suited to small single dwelling schemes) and a dynamic method (for more complex schemes). The dynamic method follows the TM59 methodology but with some additional requirements. Part O is part of building regulations and therefore a legal requirement for all buildings in England.
  • BB101 - Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools
  • TM52 – An assessment methodology used to assess the overheating risk in Europeon buildings. Generally used for non-domestic buildings (except schools, which use BB101)

Energy Efficiency

  • Passivhaus – The gold standard in building design. Applies a whole-building approach to deliver high-quality, energy efficient buildings.
  • Part L (2021 issue) – For dwellings and non-dwellings, is the government’s approved document for assessing energy consumption and generation. As it is part of building regulations, compliance is a legal requirement for all buildings in England.

Page updated: 27/09/2022

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