Prevention and Mitigation

During construction best practice measures as set out within the IAQM guidance should be applied.

A list of suggested possible measures for the mitigation of air quality impacts once the development is complete are provided below:

  • Provision of electric car charging points at new dwellings, commercial properties and on-street locations;
  • Provision of low NOx boilers within new dwellings to meet minimum standard of <40mgNOx/kWh
  • Provision of safe and secure cycle parking at dwellings, commercial and recreational areas;
  • Provision of safe cycle and pedestrian routes across site and leading to key areas;
  • Provision of initiatives for encouraging the use of public transport such as providing discounts for cycle purchase, providing information on public transport options, cycle and walking routes and car clubs;
  • Provision of funding for new bus routes and/or demand responsive buses;
  • Provision of landscaping which can act as a physical barrier to exposure to air pollution;
  • In area where development is located in areas of high existing pollutant concentrations, provision of mechanical ventilation with NOx filters;
  • Proposed residential properties should be set back from busy roads as appropriate.

Page updated: 12/01/2021

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