Alternative density models

Walkable Neighbourhoods
Delivering a new housing model which provides car free zones to specific development parcels/areas of the development. Parking is provided in remote shared parking zones within walking distance of the dwellings (400m). This development model provides opportunities to increase the density of areas within the development. Reducing the need to provide on plot and on street parking. Vehicle access is still allowed but restricted to short term/planned deliveries and loading.

Elderly and student accommodation
Elderly and student accommodation provide a similar set of deliverables- smaller units, typically 1bed, limited parking with common room/shared areas and often with a concierge front of house. Compatible development typologies can often work alongside each other support and share facilities, with access to the facilities within the local centre. Opportunities to integrate this typology within new development as a similar clustered approach providing mutual benefits to density, facilities and development layout.

Homeless shelters
Density can provide opportunities to provide temporary solutions to the current housing crisis. Tackling homelessness through alternative housing delivery models such as offsite construction and temporary housing schemes. Initiatives such as PLACE (Pan-London Accommodation Collaborative Enterprise) is a new approach to tackling homelessness through acquiring modular temporary accommodation. See

Self-build plots are included in many major and strategic allocations and often governed by design codes and guidance. The opportunities these plots provide for diversity in design and typologies creates lots of opportunities to provide alternative and innovative architecture and layout. The location of self-build plots needs to be carefully considered in light of an overall masterplan for a site so that they assimilate well into the rest of the development and are not left as an afterthought or to an undesirable area of the site for the housebuilder. The LGA and PAS produced the following guidance on this particular development model, see

Page updated: 12/01/2021

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