Safe in the City Apps & Technology

Apps and technology are increasingly becoming part of the solution to the need for safe and inclusive spaces for women and girls. Technologies can be used by individuals on a personal basis or by decision makers on a strategic basis.

On a strategic level, it is important that decision makers encourage technologies that can enhance safety for women and girls throughout the built environment. Full and free Wi-Fi in public areas and open spaces gives people the opportunity to contact friends and family if they are feeling unsafe or consult an online map if they are lost. Phone charging sockets in lampposts are another positive implementation of technology into the built environment as, similarly to the benefits of public Wi-Fi, they enhance access to contacts or online mapping services even if a user’s phone has been disconnected. It is important to note that the implementation of such services should be carried out under the advice and supervision of the relevant security experts to ensure that they are compliant with cyber-security standards and do not expose users’ data.

Page updated: 29/06/2023

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