Energy efficiency and retrofitting traditional buildings

Whilst there are considerable benefits in relation to reduced carbon emissions, retrofitting traditional buildings must be undertaken with caution. There are a number of risks to the occupants and the building. Extensive retrofits can result in intrusive works to the building and if the wrong materials are used or the work not carried out correctly, this can result in an adverse impact and detrimental result. This could prove costly to resolve and/or result in the loss of embodied carbon and the historic building.

Short Term Positive Considerations

There are several ways that energy use can be reduced which will require minimal intervention. Whilst they vary in cost, a number of these solutions can be cost effective. This includes:

  1. Maintenance and Repair
  2. Draughtproofing
  3. Upgrade building services and controls
  4. Occupant Behaviour

It is recommended that this is the starting point for any retrofit project, even if a much more extensive retrofit is being considered.


Page updated: 2/11/2022

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