On a national and industrial level, wind power has the potential to provide large amounts of green energy. However, on an individual and homeowner basis, it is difficult to utilise and capitalise on these gains as the amount of energy generated is relative to the size and speed of the wind. This is because the scale of the wind turbine that is required and the physics of the span relative to the amount of energy gained. Essentially the bigger the turbine, the better the gains. As such, small scale turbines have minimal gains.

There also needs to be considerations regarding proximity of nearby buildings, trees and landscape, as well as the visual impact. It is recommended that wind turbines are not attached to a traditional building, due to the minimal gains and the potential impact to the structure of the building. Larger wind turbines are required to be positioned away from buildings and not in a location that has an adverse impact on the setting of heritage assets.

Further information on wind

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Page updated: 26/05/2023

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