Multi-storey Parking

Another acceptable method of accommodating parking is in a multi-storey facility on the site, either in conjunction with more conventional patterns of parking or as a way in which car access can be managed and limited within specific parts of a large development.

This arrangement can produce substantial benefits for the quality and safety of the public realm as cars can be effectively removed from some of the spaces around buildings. Occasional access to houses and apartments is required for loading and unloading, service and emergency vehicles and for deliveries, but the resultant total vehicular flow in these places should be extremely low.

For this to be successful requires robust site management. It is important to choose the right site for a multi-storey parking deck to avoid unacceptable impacts upon the development or the location. Access needs may dictate that it is sited close to a street of adequate capacity, pushing the building to a prominent edge of a site, positioned to include a ‘veneer’ of single-aspect uses along sensitive elevations. Good architectural design and landscaping can help to ensure that these buildings do not look out of place within their setting.

The design and location of cycle and mobility aid parking should be carefully considered as part of the internal arrangement of the car park. Such parking should be designed to be easily accessible, conveniently located and safe and secure for users of all ages and a range of physical and mental abilities.

Page updated: 7/02/2018

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