Principle 1: Mainstreaming and Integration


Why does it matter?

GI is often only proposed at single locations on planning applications rather than across the whole site and is not always included in key strategic policies.

GI needs to be embedded throughout development proposals and projects as well as strategic plans, policies and projects in order to help create prosperous communities.

GI helps to tackle the climate emergency, create accessible green spaces that help contribute to health and wellbeing and can contribute to improving biodiversity.

Meeting the principle

GI should be integrated into policy documents and development plans at the earliest stage of the planning process.

Schemes must demonstrate that they are designed to protect the local landscape and heritage from the outset. GI should be connected to the wider landscape to connect habitats therefore increasing biodiversity.

A GI survey (or equivalent) needs to be conducted for any site to assess existing site GI, and where possible, existing GI is to be incorporated as part of the design. However, where the removal of high value GI is unavoidable then a suitable location will need to be identified and replaced to equal or enhanced quality.

GI needs to be included across a range of strategic documents within planning policy in order to achieve maximum environmental benefits. Transport and Infrastructure documents are an example of where GI can feed into strategic documents as GI can connect places using sustainable transport links.

The key points in order to meet this standard are:

  • Integration of GI in planning polices and development design
  • Ensuring the policy document and development proposals are part of a clear vision for the area
  • The importance of long-term management and maintenance of GI should be embedded within key documents
  • Policy documents should be continuously monitored and reviewed to create up to date policies and ensure high quality GI across Essex

Essex Green Infrastructure Standards Technical Guidance

Page updated: 4/04/2023

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