Principle 5: Managing Different Expectations


Why does it matter?

Expectations need to be carefully managed and negotiated. Conflict is a fact of life and should be welcomed and not feared or neglected. Different requirements need to be considered to help mitigate issues that would otherwise cause delay and extra costs.

Managing different expectations is essential and is key to ensuring the successful delivery of healthy and sustainable places. Early engagement is important in order to be able to manage different expectations and resolve any potential issues. Challenges and expectations can be identified and managed using a transparent process recognising that there will always be differences in opinions and views.

Meeting the principle

Good communication should be established between interested parties and developers to ensure that a feasible agreement is reached and that all participants affected by policy making, development design or construction are informed. The openness and honesty established from the onset should allow for open direct lines of communication for the future. Two-way communication is key to understand different positions and interests throughout the design and construction process for developments.

It’s important to determine if there are any potential underlying issues that may cause conflict early on, in order to determine the best solution. Conflicts are often caused by different interpretations of development or policy plans and poor communication. It is important different views are listened to and compromise is considered where required to help reach a mutual agreement. It is inevitable that conflicts could occur later in the development design and construction stage. Hence the need to build a strong and resilient stakeholder network with on-going communication.

Identify a champion, someone with energy for change or interests, that will help engage and connect with the community. As part of the development an engagement strategy or Statement of Community Involvement should be provided that addresses the needs and concerns of the community. Keep the community engaged throughout the process with timely updates and be clear on their expectations.

Engagement should be early, flexible and throughout the policy making or development process. The Statement of Community Involvement and/or an engagement action and management plan should manage expectations, actions, resolutions and accountability.

Essex Green Infrastructure Standards Technical Guidance

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Page updated: 4/04/2023

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