Highways Access and Movement

Highways requirements for schools sites are set out in both the Development Management Guidance and Essex parking Standards.

The overall aim for access and movement is to establish a priority for walking and cycling through the provision of safe and direct routes. Connectivity is essential – new schools need to be linked to the urban layout. New school needs to be heavily connected to walk/cycle routes and the Green infrastructure network.

The hierarchy of travel principles should be central to any new proposal; walking/cycling and public transport should be prioritised rather than being designed around the car. Car free zones around schools ideally.

Drop offs are generally discouraged on school sites or around pedestrian entrances. School run traffic should be dispersed rather than honey-potted into a designated area.

  • Consideration should be given to new pedestrian/cycle access proposals for new/enhanced schools to consider if priority given to footpaths and cycleway access
  • Links to wider pedestrian/cycleway networks should be considered especially when planning schools in major new developments
  • Cycle parking facilities on site should be considered in terms of their siting, security and design

Page updated: 11/09/2019

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