Modern Methods of Construction

Modern methods of construction provide opportunities for new and innovative construction solutions which can help to improve building sustainably, productively and efficiently. As technologies and techniques improve, new schools and classroom extensions could benefit from this new approach in construction which a becoming more of a mainstream option throughout the UK.

There are a number of benefits of modular construction which would help deliver high quality and sustainable schools. These include:

  • Speed of construction – offsite construction within controlled conditions would help deliver new schools quicker, minimising disruption to the school site and teaching environment.
  • Consistent high quality – the process is governed by quality controls and testing within an offsite environment removing a number of snagging and construction issues normally found onsite.
  • Skilled workforce – offsite housing is a growing industry which is not adversely affected by potential shortages in the skilled labour market or the wider construction industry.
  • Flexibility – modular constructions can be assembled and disassembled for relocation, refurbishment and re-use.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Reduced waste – factory production brings about design consistencies to minimise the waste of components.
  • Environmentally friendly – the reduced time on actual building sites provides a less intrusive environment for surrounding businesses, households and road networks.
  • Addressing context- modular buildings can be finished and clad to reflect the context in which they are located. Roof form, fenestration, elevation details and materials can be specified to meet any planning or design requirements of the school site.

Page updated: 22/10/2019

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