Junction Spacing


For junctions on county routes, it is necessary to consult the Highway Authority. In the case of residential streets, the minimum stagger between junctions on opposite sides of a road is X, where X is determined using the table below. Where cells in the table are left blank, no restrictions apply. The normal stagger between junctions on the same side of the street is 2X.

Side road at junction  Main road at junction    
A Local distributor 50m        
B Link road 50m 30m      
C Mixed-use street 50m 30m 20m    
D Feeder road 50m 30m 20m 15m  
E Access road 50m 20m 15m 15m  
F Minor access road 50m 20m 15m 15m  
G Mews court 30m 20m      
H Private drive 30m 20m      

Page updated: 15/02/2018

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