Television and Radio Aerials and Satellite Dishes

To reduce TV and radio aerial clutter, developers should consider either a communal aerial with wired supply to each dwelling, or covenants requiring aerials to be located in lofts.

A block of flats should always have a communal aerial and satellite dish if cable TV is not available; a condition should be attached to the planning permission to this effect.

Cable networks, in those areas where they are available, supply all channels currently available by conventional aerial or satellite dish, and developers should combine provision of cable TV with covenants banning both aerials and satellite dishes. In those areas where cable distribution is not available, satellite dishes should be located as inconspicuously as possible. This means that dishes should be of a dark-colour mesh and placed away from the front and roof of the dwelling. Again, this principle is best supported by attachment of a relevant condition to the planning permission.

Page updated: 9/02/2018

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