Vehicular Movement in Residential Areas

The design of new residential areas should allow for safe and pleasant vehicular movement while ensuring vehicular access does not negatively impact the visual environment, the needs of the pedestrian or the needs of cyclists sharing the same corridors.

While it is important to design developments that accommodate current standards and types of movement, it is also necessary to recognise and plan for the changes that will be brought about by future developments, not least the introduction of autonomous (self-driving) vehicles. This could result in changes to the streetscape such as the removal of on-street parking bays, the removal of street furniture associated with vehicular movement and the narrowing or tightening of roads, radii and junctions (due to the reduction in the additional space required to accommodate driver error). At present, definitive information regarding such changes is unavailable; nonetheless, all new developments should be designed with future adaptation in mind.

Page updated: 30/01/2018

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